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Latino Entrepreneurs Learn to Embrace the Digital Market

“For someone to come at 8:30 am to Downtown Los Angeles, you realize that the topic is of great interest,” said Tayde Aburto, one of the panelists and president of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, located in San Diego. In regards to the integration of Hispanics to the digital market, Aburto said that unfortunately a gap still exists within the business community, and that “having an internet presence is not a luxury but a necessity”, he added.

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Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce Connects Community

Hispanic businesses tend to be small, family-owned operations with a handful of employees run by people who are unfamiliar with doing business online or have minimal experience with e-commerce and social media presence. A lot of Latino businesses do not have that,” Aburto said. “With some of our members we have started with creating an email account. That’s how basic we have to go.”

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Hispanic voters most concerned about jobs, economy

“Jobs and the economy are top priorities in the Latino community," Tayde Aburto, the president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce which is located in San Diego, told Fox News Latino. “Before we’re Hispanic, we’re American. Immigration is a unifying issue, but not the only issue."

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En la Lucha por Reducir la Brecha Digital de los Hispanos

“A los nuevos miembros de la Cámara les hacemos consultoría para ver dónde están posicionados y sepan cómo potenciar sus negocios”, explica Aburto. “Somos súper activos en las redes sociales como usuarios pero no a nivel empresarial, y es algo que tiene que cambiar”, dice este experto.

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