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ARI (Apparatus Response & Incident) Simulator is a discrete-event simulation model that creates and analyzes a digital prototype of the processes carried out by Fire & EMS departments when responding to incidents.

With ARI Simulator, Fire & EMS departments, communication centers and CAD vendors all over the world can improve their performance by running comprehensive simulations, such as estimating the impact of complex dispatch policies before implementing them in the field, or testing the sensitivity of the system to new response plans before going live.


ARI Simulator codifies the behaviors of the complex system of Fire & EMS deployment as an ordered sequence of well-defined events, or specific changes in the system’s status at specific points in time.

A complex sequence of these events is created and calibrated based on historical data, representing the behavior of the system in the real world. A logic code defines the sequence of occurrence for these events, which can include call receipt, dispatch, arrival, transport to hospital, return to home location, etc.

Specific events can then be modified, for example, by changing the dispatch policies for some incidents, in order to analyze the impact of the modifications.

ARI Simulator is a faster, safer and more affordable alternative to testing new or modified dispatch policies in the field.